New Power Adapter for Handheld Console

New Power Adapter for Handheld Console

I have replace the power supply model for all handheld console on the shop, the one I was selling was not very adequate for mobile device.

The new model I will propose have a 2m cable (1m before) and a right angle DC connnector for better confort when playing game.

Each power supply will be available in EU, UK or US plug.

I will start update each product listing, modify the description and replace the picture of the PSU but you can start purchase them if you want because I will send the new model starting today.

The consoles are : Game Gear, Nomad, Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket/Color, Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket/Color and PC-Engine GT/TorboExpress


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The one for PC Engine GT is excellent. I received it last week and it is working perfectly. The voltage 7.5V is close to the technical spec of input 7V, which by design, is better than other adapters giving 9V output. It produces less heat to the voltage regulator in my PC Engine GT too.


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