Delay Commodore 64 Power Supply

The Commodore 64 power adapter will be delay.

I was waiting parts and my package has been lost, I will have a new order send to me but it's from China so...

I hope to have them soon but I prefer delay the product to the end of august (maybe mid-august) to be sure and because I will maybe go to holliday.


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oups, sorry I read the message in reversed order, so you said beginning of 2016. Forget my message :)



Any news about this PSU?


I will work on it during christmas holliday (or before if I have time) for release it a the beginning of 2016.

Retro Game Supply

Very interested in this power supply. Is there any news on when it will be released?

Robbert Jansen

I think the price is rather OK. I’ve found several PSU which are supposed to be top quality and security for around 50/70 € which is too expensive for my use.


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