Update : Commodore 64 Power Adapter

So I receive all the part for the Commodore 64 replacement power supply, I assemble one board, everything work fine, the different C64 model with different motherboard power on fine but there is one annoying problem...

The MOSFET transistor that I use to make the 0/12V signal make too much noise because I use them in 50Hz switching.

Maybe I use too big transistor with not the adaquate spec for this kind of work, I have started to search a solution for this problem but the thing is that I have to redo the PCB.

This will take me some time and as September approch I have other project and work to do.

I can't give a date but I hope to finish this product before the end the year (order parts take so much time).

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Hey. A smaller solution (compared to the original “door stopper” would be awesome). Hope you can finish this project :-) Thx Roger


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