Replacement power supply for Neo Geo CD and CDZ

Replacement power supply for Neo Geo CD and CDZ

Update 24/06/19 - And nothing new happen... Sorry. I had to pause the project for a long period of time. I had other priorities on the shop and other personnel project. I work a little on the power supply replacement solution but at the moment nothing I am satisfied about.

Update 29/10/17 - I decide to delay the power supply, I had to renew stock on several power supplies and I have no money left a the moment. I prefer slowing down in the 2 month left of 2017. I will keep this post update in anything new happen.

Update 11/10/17 - I had to scrap the plug completely to have a more easy-to-make plug, it was working but a pain to assemble if too many, I think I have find a good solution. It is not my main project and I have other spending at the moment but I will try my best to make the product available before the end of the year.


As a lot of people asking me about it, I announce that I'm already working on a replacement power supply for Neo Geo CD and CDZ.

The board is completed and I have choose the plastic case.

I just need to finalize the cable and the plug but it should be ok.

The product should be available this year.

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Pas de réponse, j’ai l’impression que ce n’est pas pour demain…


Je suis également impatient d’acquérir ce fameux adaptateur neo cd.
Pourriez vous me dire quand ce sera disponible ?




I hope to get them as soon as possible but with the virus in China there is delay in production.

Retro Game Supply

Retro Game Supply

Hi, question, are you still selling the PSU for Ntsc NES SNES and NTSC Sega Mega Drive, because i want to buy the EU Version PSU for them?

Adrian Jesus


The shop is working.

For the Neo Geo CD power supply, I had to pause the project due to other priorities in the shop and other stuff.


Retro Game Supply

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