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New Replacement Power Supply for Commodore 64 and 64C

Work with every revision and model of Commodore 64.

Work in every region of the world (100-240V 50/60Hz).

Use a standard 2 prong AC cable, only EU and US cable will be available.

Output :

  • Regulated DC 5V 2A
    • Protection : overvoltage, overcurrent, temperature and short circuit.
  • Regulated AC 9V 1A
    • Pure Sine Wave
    • Protection : overvoltage, overcurrent, soft-start and short circuit.

Unlike the dangerous unregulated 5V of the original PSU which can detroy your Commodore sometimes, this power supply will provide regulated 5V with every protection.

The AC 9V is created by a pure sine wave generator, using this method allow me to remove the 230V/9V transformer, reducing the weight by 50% and removing any hum noise coming from the power supply.

This power supply can remove or reduce the noise coming from inside the C64.

The 5V and 9V line are isolated from each other like the original PSU.

The power DIN to DIN cable is include (design may vary depending on stock).

1 year warranty.



Update :

26/01/16 - The new version is in stock but only a small quantity will be available and without AC cable. Unlike the previous model, this one is a complete power supply, no need to use an extra power adapter.
All the problem with the previous version (buzzing noise, TOD clock, ...) has been resolved.



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